ServiceNow Generative AI

ServiceNow Generative AI

Generative models have the potential to be an incredibly powerful technology. They're a way of turning a latent space into data, and that's a very general concept that can be applied in many different domains.
~Ian Goodfellow
In the final analysis, there is no solution to man’s progress but the day’s honest work, the day’s honest decisions, the day’s generous utterances and the day’s good deeds.
~Clare Booth Luce

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  • The programme is designed to be easily accessible, providing a comprehensive introduction to Google Gemini and its applications. Commencing with the fundamentals, it covers the essence of AI, delves into Large Language Models (LLMs), and guides participants through the process of obtaining their API key—a vital step in engaging with Gemini's capabilities.

    Why Choose Google Gemini? Google Gemini signifies a substantial advancement in AI technology, offering sophisticated multimodal reasoning, planning, understanding, and more. It is a tool that developers, as well as creatives, researchers, and businesses, can utilise to unlock fresh potentials and solutions. This programme serves as your pathway to mastering Gemini, empowering you to create, innovate, and address intricate problems with AI.

    What You Will Learn

    The various sections of this course will delve into the following topics:

    Introduction to Google Gemini: Discover the essence of Google Gemini and its significance as a key tool in the field of AI development.

    Understanding AI and LLMs: Establish a robust understanding of artificial intelligence and Large Language Models, essential for comprehending the capabilities and applications of Gemini.

    Obtaining Your API Key: Follow a step-by-step guide on acquiring your API key, enabling you to initiate experimentation with Gemini.

    Exploring Models: Gain knowledge about the different models offered within Gemini and how to select the most suitable one for your project.

    Initializing the Generative Model: Grasp the process of initializing Gemini's generative model for your applications.

    Diverse Functionalities: Immerse yourself in the functionalities provided by Gemini, encompassing text-to-text, text/image-to-text, text-to-chat, and text-to-embedding conversions.

    Building an AI Code Buddy: The course concludes with a hands-on project where you'll construct an AI chatbot, showcasing the practical application of the skills acquired during the course.

  • In the dynamic realm of artificial intelligence, staying at the forefront is crucial for both enthusiasts and professionals alike. Currently, one of the most popular facets of AI is Generative AI.

    Under the guidance of three distinguished experts in the field of AI, namely Krish Naik, Sunny Savita, and Boktiar Ahmed Bappy, this course spans 13 days, with each day dedicated to exploring a distinct aspect of generative AI and its practical applications.

    Key Features of This Course
    What sets this course apart is the harmonious integration of theoretical understanding with hands-on projects. Participants will not only gain insights into the frameworks and models underpinning generative AI but will also apply this knowledge in real-world projects, ranging from AI-driven chatbots to advanced applications using Google Gemini Pro.

    The instructors bring a wealth of experience and insights to the table. Krish Naik, Sunny Savita, and Boktiar Ahmed Bappy are renowned for their expertise and have a talent for simplifying complex concepts into digestible segments, making this course suitable for learners at various proficiency levels.

    Days 1-2: The course commences with an overview of the Generative AI Community and OpenAI, establishing foundational knowledge about the OpenAI API, a pivotal tool in AI development.

    Days 3-5: Participants will delve into LangChain and its integration with the Hugging Face API, with a focus on memory in LangChain to construct more cohesive AI models.

    Days 6-7: The course intensifies with a practical project employing OpenAI & LangChain, guiding students through the phases of developing and deploying a generative AI project.

    Days 8-10: A thorough exploration of Vector Databases for AI and mastery of these using tools like Pinecone and ChromaDB, crucial for efficiently managing complex AI data.

    Day 11: Introduction to Meta Llama 2, investigating the latest advancements in generative models.

    Days 12-13: An intensive two-part series on constructing an end-to-end medical chatbot project, showcasing real-world applications of generative AI.

    Special Sessions: Additional insights covering everything you need to know about Gemini Pro LLM Models and an end-to-end generative AI project using Google Gemini Pro. The course concludes with a webinar on the Generative AI Revolution, projecting the future of AI.