Checklist for Test Plan Reviews

Checklist for Test Plan Reviews

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Test Planning

  • Is the testing approach feasible?
  • Are the specified objectives of the test defined?
  • Have all testing dependencies been addressed (driver function, hardware, etc.)?
  • Has the testing environment been completely specified?
  • Are test suspension and restart conditions defined?

Correctness and Completeness

  • Is there sufficient test coverage to provide confidence that the function being tested operates correctly within its intended environment?
  • Do the integration test procedures exercise each interface described in the corresponding design documents?
  • Is the description of the function being tested, as documented in the test plan, complete and accurate?
  • Are all test entrance and exit criteria sufficient and realistic?
  • Are all items that are excluded from testing documented as such?
  • Have all test deliverables been defined?
  • Is the test plan complete, correct, and unambiguous?
  • Are the desired levels of requirements and code coverage quantitatively specified?
  • Are valid and invalid input conditions tested?
  • Have all pass/fail criteria been defined?
  • Does the test plan outline the levels of acceptability for pass/fail and exit criteria (e.g., defect tolerance)?

Standards and Traceability

  • Have all test plan standards been followed?
  • Does the test plan list all the specifications, standards, and documents necessary for its development?
  • Is each requirement that is specified in the SRS exercised by the acceptance test plan?
  • Has each test case been traced back to individual requirements?

Regression Test

  • Are sufficient and proper test cases identified to re-verify previously tested related functions?
  • Are all code changes sufficiently exercised, particularly interface modifications?

Resources and Schedules

  • Have all resources been considered, both human and hardware/software?
  • Has development of test facilities (scaffolding, drivers, etc.) been scheduled with adequate lead time?
  • Has development or procurement of methods and tools been scheduled with adequate lead time?
  • Are roles and responsibilities for all persons involved in the test activity identified?
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