How is Script tracer different from Script debugger

Script tracer vs Script debugger

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How is Script tracer different from Script debugger?

The Script Tracer allows us to debug synchronous, server-side scripts which are executed as part of an application's logic.

Script debugger requires you to establish log points and breakpoints. Script tracer is far more passive and just allows you to log the consequences of the transactions. Script tracer is for the general discovery of transactional consequences, whereas script debugger is for precise logging of specific scripts.

It allows you to see all of the engine transactions that are going on during the execution. So, if you are familiar with some of the debugging tools you already have, like the breakpoints and script debugger, with the breakpoint, you have to know which script to monitor and then you can go and start from there. Still, lots of time you don't know which thing is actually causing the unexpected behavior and as a developer that is super frustrating because you know what the outcome you want is. You know how to add it but you don't know why you are not getting the correct outcome. If it something happening in another place in the platform that you have recently touched and you can't be familiar with everything and the script tracer allows you to say turn on script tracing and then perform your execution and it will show you every bit of the platform that interacted with that execution. You can then pick them up and set breakpoints and get to where you think the problem is and narrow down the inspection really fast. This will save you lot of time and effort.