Checklist for Project Plan Reviews

Checklist for Project Plan Reviews

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~Swami Vivekananda


  • Is the project plan appropriately decomposed (neither too detailed nor too general)?
  • Is the meaning of each component clear and unambiguous?
  • Is the relationship between components clear?
  • Is the meaning of the document clear and unambiguous?
  • Is the document organized in a logical and clear way (e.g., consistent with an applicable template)?


  • Are all assumptions that went into the project planning clearly stated?
  • Are all estimates documented, along with the method used for deriving them?
  • Does the project plan include all the items required by the applicable standard, procedure, or template?
  • Are relevant details missing from any components?
  • Are some components irrelevant?
  • Are irrelevant details present in some components?


  • Are related components within the document consistent?
  • Is the content of the plan consistent with the contents of all related documents?
  • Is the content consistent with the document’s scope and objectives?
  • Is the level of detail, vocabulary, and syntax in the document consistent with its audience and usage assumptions?
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