Checklist for Architecture Design Reviews

Checklist for Architecture Design Reviews

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  • Is the architecture complete, i.e., does it allow for implementation of all of the requirements?
  • Has the architecture been adequately decomposed?
  • Does the architecture provide an adequate base for the high-level design?
  • Is the architecture feasible?
  • Have maintainability issues been addressed?
  • Can the program set be integrated and tested in an incremental fashion?


  • Does the architecture contain unnecessary redundancy?
  • Have all reliability and performance requirements been addressed?
  • Have all security considerations been addressed?
  • Does the architecture consider all existing constraints?
  • Is the architecture complete, correct, and unambiguous?
  • Are there any data structures needed that have not been defined, or are there unneeded data structures?

Standards and Traceability

  • Have all architecture standards been followed?
  • Can all parts of the design be traced back to requirements?


  • Is there missing or incomplete logic?
  • Are all possible states or cases considered?


  • Are all interfaces clear and well-defined?
  • Is the minimum data passed at each interface?
  • Is minimum global system data added or impacted?


  • Is the architecture, including the data flow, control flow, and interfaces, clearly represented?
  • Are there multiple, consistent representations of the design?
  • Are all of the decisions, dependencies, and assumptions for this design documented?
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