Checklist for Detailed Design Reviews

Checklist for Detailed Design Reviews

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  • Is the pseudocode (or other representation format) consistent in its level of detail?


  • Have missing details from the system data description been filled in?
  • Has all the data been properly defined and initialized?
  • Is all defined data used?
  • Are data elements named and used consistently throughout the module and the module interface?
  • Are defaults used, and are they correct?

Correctness and Completeness

  • Is the detailed design a complete and accurate implementation of the high-level design?
  • Are the external specifications of each module complete and testable?
  • Have all numerical techniques been analyzed for accuracy?
  • Has critical timing been analyzed?
  • Has the high-level design memory budget been expanded into further detail and updated?
  • Are the functions clearly specified?
  • Are the functions logically independent?
  • Have maintainability issues been addressed?
  • Does each module have high internal cohesion?
  • Does each module have low external coupling?
  • Is the detailed design verifiable?
  • Is the logic correct, clear, and complete?
  • Have all operator dialogues been completely specified?
  • Can the termination conditions for loops be realized?
  • Have functional test specifications been prepared for each module?
  • Can all logic be tested?

Standards and Traceability

  • Have all detailed design standards been followed?
  • Does the calling protocol follow project standards?
  • Can all parts of the detailed design be traced back to the high-level design and to requirements?


  • Are error conditions handled in a nondestructive manner?
  • Can corrective action be taken by the module that traps an error?
  • Are unusual conditions handled reasonably and nondestructively?
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