ServiceNow Versions

Release Name Date
Aspen 2011
Berlin 2012-09-20
Calgary 2013-06-25
Dublin 2013.
Eureka 2014-05-15
Fuji 2015-03-01
Geneva 2015-12-01
Helsinki 2016-05-12
Istanbul 2017-01
Jakarta 2017-06
Kingston 2017-11-16
London 2018-07-26
Madrid 2019-01-24
New York 05-2019
Orlando 2020-03-11
Paris Q3-2020
Quebec Q1-2021
Rome Q3-2021
San Diego Q2-2022
Tokyo Q4-2022
Utah Q1-2023
Vancouver Q3-2023
Washington DC Q1-2024
Xanadu Q3-2024
Yokohama Q1-2025
Zurich Q3-2025

ServiceNow Known Error Portal

The tables list only Known Error articles that address the most prevalent inquiries in order to provide a focused list from ServiceNow library of Known Error articles.

Known Error Portal ServiceNow Known Error Portal
Vancouver Vancouver security and notable fixes
Vancouver release notes
Utah Utah security and notable fixes
Utah release notes
Tokyo Tokyo EA: Known Errors
Tokyo notable fixes
San Diego San Diego Patch 6
San Diego Patch 5
San Diego Patch 4a
San Diego Patch 4
San Diego Patch 3
San Diego Patch 2 Hot Fix 1
San Diego Patch 2
San Diego Patch 1 Hot Fix 1b
San Diego Patch 1 Hot Fix 1a
San Diego Patch 1 Hot Fix 1
San Diego Patch 1
San Diego EA Hot Fix 2
San Diego EA
Rome Rome Patch 10
Rome Patch 9a
Rome Patch 9
Rome Patch 8 Hot Fix 2
Rome Patch 8 Hot Fix 1
Rome Patch 8
Rome Patch 7b
Rome Patch 7a
Rome Patch 7
Rome Patch 6
Rome Patch 5
Rome Patch 4
Rome Patch 3
Rome Patch 2
Rome Patch 1
Rome EA
Quebec Quebec Patch 10 Hot Fix 4
Quebec Patch 10 Hot Fix 3b
Quebec Patch 10 Hot Fix 3a
Quebec Patch 10 Hot Fix 3
Quebec Patch 10
Quebec Patch 9
Quebec Patch 8
Quebec Patch 7
Quebec Patch 6
Quebec Patch 5
Quebec Patch 4 Hot Fix 2
Quebec Patch 4
Quebec Patch 3
Quebec Patch 2 Hot Fix 3
Quebec Patch 2 Hot Fix 2
Quebec Patch 2
Quebec Patch 1 Hot Fix 1
Quebec EA Hot Fix 2
Paris Paris Patch 10
Paris Patch 9
Paris Patch 8
Paris Patch 7a
Paris Patch 7
Paris Patch 6 Hot Fix 2
Paris Patch 5
Paris Patch 4b
Paris Patch 3
Paris Patch 2
Paris Patch 1
Orlando Orlando Patch 10 Hot Fix 2a
Orlando Patch 10 Hot Fix 1
Orlando Patch 9b
Orlando Patch 8
Orlando Patch 6
Orlando Patch 5
Orlando Patch 4
Orlando Patch 3
New York New York Patch 12
New York Patch 11
New York Patch 10
New York Patch 8
Madrid Madrid Patch 4
Madrid Patch 3
Madrid Patch 2

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ServiceNow Foundations Videos


Outbound REST Integrations

In this module, you will create, test, and invoke an outbound REST message. You will also populate a table field with a value read from the response body returned by the web service provider.


Inbound REST Integrations

In this module, you will practice building and testing requests to the ServiceNow APIs using the REST API Explorer.


Scripted REST APIs

In this module, you will create a Scripted REST API. You will test the API using the REST API Explorer.


REST in IntegrationHub

In this module, you will learn to create, test, and debug IntegrationHub actions that interact with REST APIs.


Flow Designer

Flow Designer is a Now Platform feature for automating processes in a single design environment. Flow Designer lets process owners use natural language to automate approvals, tasks, notifications, and record operations without coding.


Tips and Tricks

ServiceNow tips and tricks - small things matter.

What is ServiceNow?

By Jeff Thies

Overview of ServiceNow platform architecture

By ServiceNow Support

How Do I Learn ServiceNow (The Duke Answers)

By Robert, The Duke, Fedoruk

Should you go DEEP or WIDE on ServiceNow?

By Robert, The Duke, Fedoruk

What is the ServiceNow MVP status, and how can you achieve it?

By Robert, The Duke, Fedoruk

Planning your integration by Chuck Tomasi

Learn JavaScript on the Now Platform by Chuck Tomasi

How To Become A ServiceNow Developer by Gaurav Tripathi

How to become a better ServiceNow developer by Robert, The Duke, Fedoruk

Learn ServiceNow Development in 9 Hours by Gaurav Tripathi

Learn ServiceNow Adminstration in 7.5 Hours by Gaurav Tripathi

ServiceNow Automated Test Framework Crash Course by Gaurav Tripathi

Vancouver Release on ServiceNow: Top Features & Enhancements in ServiceNow

ServiceNow Vancouver Release Top New Features & Updates - NewRocket TV

ServiceNow Adventures with Anders - The road to A.I part 1: Search Engine technologies

What is the Execution Order of Scripts in ServiceNow by Gaurav Tripathi

Free Videos - YouTube Channel for learning ServiceNow basics and fundamentals.

Free Videos - YouTube Channel for learning the fundamentals of ServiceNow. SAASWithServiceNow by Gaurav Tripathi.

Official YouTube Channel from ServiceNow Now Community

This channel is to support the ServiceNow Developer Program. Learn about the tools, tricks and tips to become a more productive developer and bring the functionality you need to your work.

ServiceNow Helpdesk help you to understand Servicenow tool in depth. Here you will get all videos related to Servicenow. If you want to learn Servicenow from scratch then this channel is for you.

AAspenNow Solutions. Transferring knowledge to those who need it most!

A passion for excellence on the ServiceNow platform.

We are helping you to learn ServiceNow.

Official video destination for ServiceNow Support

Welcome to ServiceNowSimple! Jeff here, and I'm all about helping you learn ServiceNow, keeping it SIMPLE all the way.

This channel is all about ServiceNow. Curated by Alikutty Abdulrazak

LearnNowLab is all about ServiceNow.

This channel is for ServiceNow product owners, architects, developers, BA's, & admins. Its also for people who don't work with ServiceNow, but wonder how the platform can help. Whatever it is you do, make ServiceNow work for you.

This channel provides you conceptual videos on ServiceNow Administration and Development Course. You will get complete sessions on ServiceNow ITSM, Service Portal, ITBM, ITOM, ServiceNow APIs, Integration, GRC, CMDB & Discovery & many more. I am continuously making effort to make this tutorial very easy & simple to understand. Also, trying to provide you good understanding of all the ServiceNow Modules.

A non-official Servicenow Developer Meetup Group. Going to be virtual always* !! Join us for exclusive Servicenow learning. An equal opportunity group. You can expect different methodologies, content specific to Servicenow only i.e. no product marketing, exclusive speakers, high-frequency meetups, friendly culture. In short lot's and lots of learning !!! is an independent ServiceNow blog that focuses on the Service Portal, UI Page Builder, custom application development, and the ServiceNow CMS for building custom Self-Service Portals on the ServiceNow platform.

In my YouTube channel, I focus on making short and crisp videos on ServiceNow technical concepts and end user videos which will help everyone to utilize real power of ServiceNow. Please let me know your thoughts on my channel. Any suggestion is appreciated. Please subscribe to my channel for more informative content.

This Channel is all about ServiceNow

Creating this channel as a complement for my blog posts at the ServiceNow community. Some things just are a lot easier to explain through a video instead of a huge wall of text.

This channel is all about the revolutionizing servicenow and making it easy for fellow developers, administrators. We are committed to providing exclusive training, problem solving and live demo of various projects in servicenow platform.
Keep learning , keep motivating & keep watching!!!

Learn ServiceNow with video tutorials and real time use cases and assignments.

This channel is about ServiceNow

I am a passionate technology enthusiast that wants to show how technology and automation can make us all more productive and free-up our intellectual cycles so that we can ask better questions and create better solutions.
I am currently in a pre-sales role where I demonstrate how the ServiceNow platform can solve business problems and bring value through automation and delightful user experiences.

Welcome to our tech-savvy YouTube channel! Here you will find a wealth of knowledge on all things related to technology, coding, and ServiceNow.

ServiceNow related videos

Oscar Lopez - How with ServiceNow.
Find tips, code snippets and solutions inside and outside of the box for ServiceNow platform. I'll show you from basic to advance custom development I've made to provide tailored solutions using and extending the platform

IT Canvass Youtube Channel Providing the Servicenow videos on Servicenow all Modules like ITSM, ITOM, ITBM, ITIL.
IT Canvass vision is to make every individual & Organizations get their work done on the ServiceNow platform Faster and Easier. Whether it is in ITSM, ITOM, Non-IT Services, Asset & Configuration, Planning & Policy.

Life is too short to spend wasting time on manual tasks. As the Secretary of Simplification, my job is to facilitate and enable you to make life easier for staff in your organization, using ServiceNow.

Ever wanted to learn more about your favorite coding or a trending topic in tech or tips and tricks?

With a mix of humor, cynicism, and insight, TechnoMonk brings you the answers to all your tech questions every week

This channel covers a wide range of topics regarding #ServiceNow. You'll learn about system #administration, low-code/no code #development as well as complex development, #training and #certifications, industry leading practices, #architecture, #governance, #standardization, #consulting, ServiceNow #partnership, how to innovate within the platform, and much more!

Are you looking to become an expert in ServiceNow or advance your skills and knowledge in the platform?
Look no further, our channel features a wide range of training videos that cover all aspects of ServiceNow, including configuration, customization, and administration. We provide step-by-step tutorials, real-world examples, and best practices to help you develop a deep understanding of the platform and its capabilities. In-depth training sessions we cover a range of topics, including ITSM, ITOM, ITBM, and more.

Welcome to the ServiceNerd YouTube channel, your ultimate destination for ServiceNow expertise!
I'm Russ, a freelance ServiceNow consultant developer/architect, I'm eager to share my knowledge and experience with you. Get ready for top-notch training, valuable hints, and essential tips for ServiceNow Admin & Development. From optimizing workflows to streamlining processes, I'll help you unlock the full potential and value of ServiceNow.
Discover basic best practices to avoid common pitfalls and maximize the efficiency of your ServiceNow implementation.

Hello Friends, I've created this channel to share my experience in ServiceNow development. These videos are based upon the challenges which I've faced during development. If you really like my effort , please subscribe this channel to get more hands on videos related to ServiceNow development.

This Channel is to provide knowledge on ServiceNow Platform in all the Module like ITSM, HRSD, ITOM, GRC, CSM, Intergration and much more.

This channel is all about ServiceNow.

This channel is all about ServiceNow.

Welcome to our YouTube channel "ServiceNow Guy" dedicated to sharing knowledge about ServiceNow! Our goal is to provide you with valuable insights and actionable tips to help you make the most of this powerful platform.

Whether you're new to ServiceNow or an experienced user, our videos are designed to be informative, engaging, and easy to understand. From quick tips to in-depth tutorials, we cover a wide range of topics to help you get the most out of your ServiceNow experience.

Hello everyone, welcome to this channel where you can learn about ServiceNow from scratch. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced individual in ServiceNow, this channel is designed to be helpful for everyone.

This channel is for ServiceNow users who like to learn and have fun with ServiceNow. I am trying to put all my work and knowledge here in this channel so that people can learn through this channels. Whatever new things I do in ServiceNow I put here.